Where possible, the same process for the ABVSC will follow the AVSC for ease of management.

Wednesday 18th July 2018            Online Team Entries Open           

Tuesday 2nd October 2018            Online Team Entries Close

Schools must nominate their players, staff and referees by this time, but may amend divisions following state schools cup events. Please ensure all players and referees nominated have current membership for the duration of the event.

International Teams - Nominations to be accompanied by their national federation ranking where multiple teams are seeking entry into the same division.

Tuesday 2nd October 2018             1) Member state associations are provided nomination lists to verify membership within each state/territory

2) Teams withdrawing from the competition from this date forfeit half their entry fee


Wednesday 17th October 2018      Confirmation of entry sent to schools

Ensure all players, staff and referees names are correct. Ensure the nominated division/s, players DOB and membership numbers are all correct. Once confirmed please send the documentation to the VA office via email signed off by your school Principal. If there are any changes, please amend them on the form and online.

Friday 26th October 2018               Confirmation of entry documentation due

Monday 5th November 2018          Nomination advice & tax invoice sent to school

Tuesday 6th November 2018         Teams withdrawing from competition after this date forfeit their entire entry fee

Tuesday 20th November 2018        1) Team entry fee payments due

2) Payments received after this date will incur a $50 fee

Friday 30th November 2018            1) Draft tournament information published on tournament website and emailed to confirmed coaches

2) Player list cut off – All players must be finalised by COB. No further changes are permitted.  

Friday 7th December 2018              ABVSC Commences

                                                               11:30am          Team Sign In at Venue

                                                               12:00pm           General Technical Meeting (compulsory for all players, coaches & officials)

                                                               1:00pm             1st matches begin

Sunday 9th December 2018             ABVSC Concludes (approx. 12:00pm)

Awarding Ceremony at AVSC Opening Ceremony, MSAC Pool Deck (Time TBC)


Download - 2018 ABVSC Key Dates

Rules & Regulations

Download the 2018 ABVSC Tournament Regulations.


      Net Heights


2019 net heights TBC. 



2018 Net Heights 

Honours Competition Boys Girls
Open (Under 20) 2.43 2.24
Under 17 2.35 2.15
Under 16 2.35 2.15
Under 15 2.24 2.10
Year 8  2.24 2.10
Divisional Competition Boys Girls
Year 12 2.35 2.15
Year 11 2.35 2.15
Year 10 2.24 2.15
Year 9 2.15 2.10
Year 8 2.15 2.10
Year 7 2.15 2.10